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Welcome to the Help Center. Whether you are new to FooSales or an experienced user, these resources are designed to answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of FooSales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get instant answers to the most common questions and difficulties experienced whilst using FooSales.

Introduction to FooSales

Learn what FooSales is, how it works, and find out more about pricing and plans.

Getting Started

Resources that will get you quickly started so you can start selling your products in person.

FooSales WordPress Plugin

Learn how to install and configure the FooSales plugin.

Your Account

Discover all the settings in your FooSales account and how to manage your account effectively.

FooSales Tablet Apps

Sell your products almost anywhere with our tablet apps.

FooSales Web Version

Run FooSales in a browser with the cross-platform web version.

Help articles by feature


Manage and sell products using FooSales & WooCommerce.


Create or search for customers and manage their details.


Manage, view and process orders with FooSales & WooCommerce.


Process and view different payment types with FooSales & WooCommerce.


Apply coupons, capture customer details, add order notes and complete orders.


Setup and configure tax rates for your store using the tax settings in WooCommerce.


Scan product barcodes using the built-in device camera or an external barcode scanner.

Hardware Support

See what hardware FooSales currently supports including printers and cash drawers.


Customize your invoices/receipts that can be printed onsite or emailed directly to the customer.

Offline Mode

Place orders in the tablet apps without an internet connection and sync when you’re back online.

Product Roadmap

Take a peak into our crystal ball to see where FooSales is going and what we’re currently working on.

Feature Comparison

View a detailed comparison of all the main features in the FooSales tablet apps and web version.