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FooSales applies WooCommerce tax rates when processing orders. By default, FooSales will use your store’s address for guest customers. You can set your stores address under the ‘WooCommerce -> Settings -> General‘ tab.

If you’ve set a tax rate for your State under ‘WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax -> Standard Rates‘ then FooSales will use this tax rate. If there is no tax rate set for your State then no tax will be added.

When processing an order, should you add a new or existing customer, the tax rate that is applied will be based on the customer’s location as specified in their billing or shipping information, depending on your WooCommerce tax settings. If you wish to change the tax rate that is applied, simply update the customer’s billing or shipping details.

We strongly recommend that you read through the documentation on Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce carefully and consult with a qualified tax practitioner if necessary before using FooSales.

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