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FooSales currently utilizes WooCommerce Reports and WooCommerce Analytics for reporting purposes.

WooCommerce Analytics

WooCommerce Analytics is the official reporting and data analysis tool for WooCommerce stores. There are many ways to view and dissect data for your store with this tool and all orders processed through the FooSales apps are included in this data.

To access WooCommerce Analytics, log into your WordPress admin area and click on Analytics in the WordPress menu.

WooCommerce Analytics Dashboard

We are currently working on big improvements to this area of functionality. Sign-up to receive a notification when Enhanced POS Sales reporting functionality is released.

WooCommerce Reports

The WooCommerce Reports functionality was officially deprecated in WooCommerce 4.0 (2019) and hasn’t received any updates since, however, it is still a useful tool to quickly view key metrics and compare them to previous periods.

To access WooCommerce Reports, log into your WordPress admin area and click on WooCommerce > Reports in the WordPress menu.

WooCommerce Reports Dashboard

Daily Summary

There is also a Daily Summary feature which is built into FooSales that is useful for getting a snapshot of total sales and payment types that were processed through the FooSales apps on a particular day including previous days.

To access the Daily Summary, tap/click on Orders in the menu of the FooSales POS app and then tap/click the three dots () next to the corresponding date to bring up the Daily Summary.

FooSales Daily Summary Screen
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