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Supported Hardware

Visit the Hardware page to see all currently supported devices

Wireless desktop printers #

Invoices can be printed using any AirPrint (iPad & web app running on macOS) or wireless compatible printer (Android & web app). Visit the Hardware page for list of printers that we recommend which are AirPrint & wireless compatible.

Combined receipt printer and cash drawer #

The FooSales tablet apps offer built-in support for the ultra sleek Star mPOP™ combined Bluetooth POS receipt printer and cash drawer device (available in black or white). The mPOP has a built-in receipt printer which prints on standard 2 1/4″ x 50′ thermal paper rolls as well as an integrated cash drawer. It also works with the optional mPOP Handheld USB 1D Barcode Scanner which can be purchased either as part of a bundle or separately.

Barcode scanners #

Scan any compatible barcode using the tablet’s built-in camera (tablet apps only) or pair a Bluetooth or USB scanner (web app only) and FooSales will immediately identify a product or product variation that has a matching product ID/SKU. Visit the Hardware page for list of barcode scanners that we recommend.

Thermal printers #

The FooSales tablets apps and web app support automatic receipt printing on a few popular thermal receipt printers. Visit the Hardware page to see the current list of thermal receipt printers that are supported.

Thermal printer settings #

Please follow these steps when configuring and printing your receipts with FooSales using a thermal printer:

  • Choose your receipt printer
  • Print all pages
  • Select portrait layout
  • Choose the width of your receipt paper
  • The paper length can be the longest option available as the printer will continue printing until it reaches the bottom of the receipt and then automatically cut the paper
  • Set the number of pages per sheet to ‘1’
  • Disable headers and footers
    • Google Chrome – with margin set to ‘default’ it will show the checkbox
    • Mozilla Firefox – Set the header and footer options to ‘blank’
    • Apple Safari – Uncheck the header and footer checkbox
  • Margins must be set to ‘none’
  • Scale should be set to ‘default’ or 100%
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