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Pricing and Plans

Take a look at the FooSales Pricing

FooSales offers a 7-day free trial that includes full use of the FooSales web and tablet apps. After 7 days have passed, you will need to purchase a FooSales Plan in order to continue using the apps. The FooSales Plans include access to all the current features. The difference between the FooSales Plans is limited to the number of websites and users that you are able to access with the FooSales apps:

  • Single Domain Plan – Used by you or a client on a single domain, up to 3 different users or devices
  • Multiple Domain Plan – Used by you or a client on up to 5 domains, up to 9 different users or devices

When connecting a FooSales app to your store, the app will first pass the URL entered on the app login screen to a secure FooSales API service. The service will then determine if the URL is linked to an active free trial or active FooSales plan.

You can manage what sites are linked to your account on the My Account section which you can access through the FooSales website.

A “user” essentially refers to a registered WordPress user account that accesses FooSales, so for example, if a few different people share the same login details then that counts as a single “user” but if the same people will be accessing FooSales from individual accounts, we classify them as “multiple users”.

Similarly for devices, the license is not linked to a particular device and FooSales can be used concurrently on different devices/machines at a given point in time based on the limit specified in the plan type.

FooSales Add-ons #

FooSales add-ons are optional extras and an active FooSales plan is required in order to purchase an add-on.

Upgrading a plan #

At any time, you can upgrade from an active or expired free trial to a paid FooSales Plan. You can also upgrade from a Single Domain Plan to a Multiple Domain Plan.

Please note, if you do upgrade from a Single Domain Plan to a Multiple Domain Plan, you will need to cancel your Single Domain Plan.

Canceling a plan #

Please visit the My Account > Plans section of the FooSales website, select the plan you wish to cancel and select the cancel button. You will then be prompted to complete a cancelation request form to initiate the cancelation procedure.

Deactivate Auto-renewals #

You can suspend annual auto-renewals by logging into your FooSales Account, click on “Plans” in the left sidebar and then click on the “View” button next to the plan that you would like to turn off auto-renewals for. Finally, toggle the setting which says “Auto Renew” to the “Off” position which will place your account “On Hold”.

Following the same procedure above, you can “Reactivate” your plan when you would like to continue using FooSales.

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