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Stripe Payment Integration

FooSales integrates with the Stripe Terminal Verifone P400 and BBPOS WisePOS™ E card readers to capture in-person card payments directly within the FooSales web app and FooSales tablet apps for a seamless checkout experience. Order totals are sent to Stripe at checkout and FooSales automatically completes the WooCommerce order once the payment has successfully completed.

Note: The Stripe Payments add-on is required for the Stripe integration which is available as an optional extra when purchasing a Single or Multiple Domain plan or you can purchase it separately if you would like to add it to an existing plan.

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The following are required for the Stripe payment integration:


In order for FooSales and Stripe to be able to communicate with each other, you will need to create at least one Stripe Reader location and also obtain your Publishable key and Secret key from your Stripe Dashboard.

Stripe Reader Locations

In order to register and use a Verifone P400 reader to process payments at checkout, you will need to add at least one location to your Stripe Dashboard. To add a Stripe location, login to your Stripe Dashboard and navigate to Payments -> Readers -> Locations.

Click on the New button to add your first Stripe location by providing a name and address for the location.

Click the Save button to add your new location. You can now edit the location details by clicking on the location from your dashboard. If you would like a custom splash screen to display on your Verifone P400 reader once you connect it to FooSales, you can click on the location’s Reader settings button.

By default, Stripe will display its own splash screen on the reader when it powers up and connects to your account. Click the Upload new button to upload your custom 320 W x 480 H image to use as the splash screen instead.

Once you have uploaded your custom image, you can adjust its size to your liking and then close the dialog. When FooSales connects to your reader for the first time, your custom splash image will display after a short while and then remain the splash image until you either remove your custom image or upload a new one.

Stripe API Keys

You can view your Stripe API keys by logging in to your Stripe Dashboard and navigating to Developers > API keys.

Live API Keys

Once your Stripe account is setup and verified, you will have access to your live API keys which can be used to process real cards at checkout.

Test API Keys

If you haven’t verified your Stripe account yet and would like to use a test credit card to test the integration, you can set your Stripe account to use test data by toggling the Viewing test data switch which will generate test API keys for you to use.

You will then be able to use one of Stripe’s test card numbers at checkout in FooSales (note: real cards don’t work while in test mode).

FooSales WordPress Plugin Settings

After copying your live Publishable key and Secret key, navigate to your WordPress admin area and open the FooSales plugin settings. On the Integration tab under Stripe Payments, paste your live Publishable key and Secret key, then save your settings and you’re good to go!

Stripe Reader Registration

In order to process a payment at checkout using a Verifone P400 reader, you will need to register a reader device with FooSales. Open the FooSales Settings screen and scroll down to Stripe Settings. Here you will be able to choose which Stripe location should be associated with the device that you would like to use with FooSales.

In order to register a Verifone P400 reader and assign it to the chosen location, you will need to press 0-7-1-3-9 on the device to generate a registration code. Enter the registration code and provide a custom label in order to easily identify the reader in your Stripe Dashboard. Press the Add Stripe Reader button to register the reader and add it to the chosen location.

Once the reader has been successfully registered, FooSales will automatically connect to it so that it can be used to process cards at checkout.

Processing Payments Using Stripe Reader

When you’re ready to complete an order on the FooSales Checkout screen using a registered Verifone P400 reader, select Stripe Reader as the payment method.

When you click the Pay button, a payment request will be sent to your connected Verifone P400 reader. Follow the prompts on the device to process the payment. The FooSales app will wait until the checkout is successfully completed.

Once the payment has been successfully completed, FooSales will submit the order to your WooCommerce database. The Stripe payment will be linked to the WooCommerce order. If you open the completed order on the Orders screen, you will see the payment method highlighted if Stripe was used to process the payment. Tapping on this text will open the linked Stripe payment in a browser window for your convenience.

If you navigate to the WooCommerce order in your WordPress admin area, you will see the payment method marked as Stripe Reader along with a link to View the payment in a new browser window.

Processing Payments Manually

If you do not have a Verifone P400 or BPOS WisePOS™ E, you can still capture card details manually at checkout in order to process a payment for an order. Select Stripe Manual Payment as the payment method.

When you click the Pay button, a form will appear that allows you to enter the card number, expiry date and CVC in order to process the payment. Once the payment has been successfully submitted, FooSales will complete the order and submit it to your WooCommerce store.

Refunding an Order

If you refund an order in FooSales, the Stripe payment will be automatically refunded to the card that was originally used. If the refund fails for some reason, the order status will be changed to Refunded in WooCommerce and an error message will be displayed that allows you to view the transaction and refund the payment manually through the Stripe Dashboard.

If you originally processed the payment through a connected Stripe reader and the original card needs to be presented, a refund request will be sent to the connected device and the FooSales app will wait until the refund is successfully completed.

Please note: Refunding an order manually through WooCommerce will not automatically refund the Stripe payment. If you would like to refund an order from your WordPress admin area instead of FooSales, you will need to click on the View transaction link in the order view to open and manually refund the payment through your Stripe Dashboard and then set the WooCommerce order status to Refunded.

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