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FooSales Roadmap

The FooSales Product Roadmap lists all the features and enhancements that are part of our development plan and will be updated regularly.

In the works | Feature Requests | Integration RequestsCompleted Features

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In the works iPad App Android App Web App
Daily cash float facility Planned Planned Planned
Feature Requests
Product management TBC TBC TBC
Store location management TBC TBC TBC
POS only products TBC TBC TBC
Add products through POS TBC TBC TBC
Order status filter TBC TBC TBC
Customer order history TBC TBC TBC
Authentication via device code TBC TBC TBC
Barcode printing TBC TBC TBC
Set App default tax rate TBC TBC TBC
Add custom fields on checkout TBC TBC TBC
Add tip/gratuity on checkout TBC TBC TBC
Different prices for POS products TBC TBC TBC
Stock location management
Teller user management TBC TBC TBC
Product exchanges TBC TBC TBC
Receipt template customization TBC TBC TBC
Guest order email receipt TBC TBC TBC
Scan customer store card TBC TBC TBC
FooSales iPhone app (iOS) TBC TBC TBC
FooSales Phone app (Android) TBC TBC TBC
French NF525/Finance Law 2018 Compliance TBC TBC TBC
Technical safety device (TSE) support (Germany) TBC TBC TBC
Chinese language support TBC TBC TBC
Integration Requests
WooCommerce Payments integration TBC TBC TBC
Additional EPSON printer support TBC TBC TBC
Zettle integration TBC TBC TBC
Mollie integration TBC TBC TBC
SumUp integration TBC TBC TBC
Star Micronics cash drawer integration TBC TBC TBC
AutomateWoo TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Product Vendor TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Product Add-ons TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Points and Rewards TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Subscriptions TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Deposits TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Store Credit TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Product Bundles TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Memberships TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM Marketplace) TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Cost of Goods TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce Smart Coupons TBC TBC TBC
WooCommerce PDF Vouchers TBC TBC TBC
Donation For WooCommerce TBC TBC TBC
WC Marketplace TBC TBC TBC
Mailchimp for WooCommerce TBC TBC TBC
Dynamic Pricing TBC TBC TBC
Checkout field editor TBC TBC TBC
Shipment Tracking TBC TBC TBC
Booster Pro for WooCommerce TBC TBC TBC
Groups Plugin TBC TBC TBC
Integrate with Composite Products TBC TBC TBC
Integrate with Xero accounting program TBC TBC TBC
Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce TBC TBC TBC
Completed Features iPad App Android App Web App
Split payments Completed Completed Completed
In-app WP-Admin external links Completed Completed Completed
Backorder support Completed Completed Completed
Order popup alert Completed Completed Completed
Order status management (in progress, shipped, ready) Completed Completed Completed
Edit orders Completed Completed Completed
Order level discounts Completed Completed Completed
Display additional order information (shipping, billing, meta, notes etc) Completed Completed Completed
Advanced FooEvents integration (ticket printing, seat selection and booking slots) Completed Completed Completed
Enhanced POS Sales reporting Completed Completed Completed
Improved basic FooEvents integration Completed Completed Completed
Decimal values in quantity field (product price based on weight, length etc.) Completed Completed Completed
Abort connection option Completed Completed Completed
Re-sync stock options Completed Completed Completed
Export offline orders from app Completed Completed Completed
Save in progress orders Completed Completed Completed
Stripe Reader M2 integration (Stripe Terminal) Completed Completed N/A
BBPOS WisePad 3 integration (Stripe Terminal) Completed Completed N/A
BBPOS Chipper 2X BT integration (Stripe Terminal) Completed Completed N/A
Background data refresh (realtime data) Completed Completed Completed
Input cart quantities Completed Completed Completed
Support third-party WooCommerce order number plugins Completed Completed Completed
Custom payment types Completed Completed Completed
Additional Star Micronics printer support Completed Completed Completed
Square Reader integration Completed Completed Completed
Square Terminal integration Completed Completed Completed
Stripe Terminal integration Completed Completed Completed
Search orders Completed Completed Completed
Rest API Completed Completed Completed
Order notes Completed Completed Completed
Manage customers (edit and modify) Completed Completed Completed
Receipt language terminology Completed Completed Completed
Option to remove FooSales branding Completed Completed Completed
Translation/terminology support for receipts Completed Completed Completed
Capture shipping details Completed Completed Completed
Cancel completed orders Completed Completed Completed
Process refunds Completed Completed Completed
Manage product prices and stock quantities Completed Completed Completed
Customize cart product prices Completed Completed Completed
Option to disable WooCommerce emails Completed Completed Completed