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Barcodes are essentially visual representations of numbers and letters. FooSales can scan any standard 1D Code-128 barcode through the built-in barcode scanner in the app or a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner and will identify a product with a matching product ID or SKU. Please note that QR codes are not supported at the moment.

Visit the Hardware page to see all currently supported devices.

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Creating barcodes

Your barcode needs to reflect the product ID or alphanumeric value saved in the product SKU field in WooCommerce. FooSales doesn’t generate barcodes but you can use any online barcode generator to create and print your own 1D Code-128 barcode from the product/variation ID or the product/variation SKU as it appears in WooCommerce. This is the only type of barcode that FooSales is able to scan at present using the device’s built-in camera. When pairing the app or web version of FooSales with a third-party barcode scanner, any type of barcode that the scanner is capable of scanning can be used.

Scanning barcodes

Barcodes can be scanned using your tablet’s built-in camera or using an external USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.

When first launching the app you will presented with a notice stating that the accuracy of the scanning when using a built-in camera, is very much dependent on the speed and quality your device’s camera. Once you have confirmed that you understand this, you will be able to scan barcodes by passing them in front of the built-in camera.

Simply pass a barcode in front of the camera and the FooSales app will scan the barcode and and search for the product ID or SKU using the scanned value. If the product is identified, it will be automatically added to the cart.

You can hide the scanning window by selecting the close (X) icon and you can switch to the front facing camera using the reverse icon.

To switch to an external Bluetooth barcode scanner, simply select the Bluetooth icon. The scanner screen will then collapse and wait for a Bluetooth barcode scanner to connect and send barcode values to the app.

Barcode scanning errors

If your tablet’s built-in camera doesn’t scan barcodes properly, we suggest that you pair a Bluetooth barcode scanner to your device as they are generally faster and more accurate.

Visit the Hardware page to see all currently supported devices.

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