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Plugin settings

To view the FooSales plugin settings, login to your WordPress admin area and navigate to FooSales > Settings in the left sidebar.

Product Settings

Plugin Settings Products

Product categories to display The FooSales apps will display all published products by default, but you can select specific product categories to display instead from the multi-select box.
Product status The FooSales apps will only fetch products with the selected status.
Products per request When fetching all data you can specify how many products the FooSales apps should load in each request (lower values will result in slower product load times but this usually works better for servers with limited resources).
Only fetch in stock products The FooSales apps will only display products that have a status of ‘In Stock’.
Show attribute labels Display attribute labels next to their values for product variations.

Order Settings

Order load limit Limit the number of recent orders to load in the FooSales apps.
Disable new order emails Disable sending new order emails in WooCommerce for orders created in the FooSales apps.
Enable order analytics Allow FooSales to anonymously collect non-sensitive data for orders placed through the FooSales apps such as order totals, country and payment method (to opt out, leave this box unchecked).

Receipt Settings

Store logo Select an existing image to use as the logo on receipts or upload a new file (preferably hi-res black and white).
Store name Name of the store displayed on receipts.
Header content Optional content which displays immediately after the store name and logo at the top of receipts.
Receipt title Title of the receipt (e.g. “Tax Invoice”).
Order number prefix
Text which displays in front of the order number (e.g. “Order”).
Product column title
Title of the product column (e.g. “Product”).
Quantity column title
Title of the quantity column (e.g. “Qty”).
Price column title
Title of the price column (e.g. “Price”).
Subtotal column title Title of the subtotal column (e.g. “Subtotal”).
Show product SKU Display the product SKU on the receipt.
Inclusive abbreviation
Abbreviation used to indicate the inclusive price (e.g. “incl.”).
Exclusive abbreviation
Abbreviation used to indicate the exclusive price (e.g. “excl.”).
Discounts title Title of the discounts field (e.g. “Discounts”).
Refunds title Title of the refunds field (e.g. “Refunds”).
Tax title
Title used for the combined tax total (e.g. “Tax”).
Total title Title of the combined total (e.g. “Total”).
Payment method title
Title of the payment method (e.g. “Payment Method”).
Billing address title Title of the billing address (e.g. “Billing Address”).
Shipping address title Title of the shipping address (e.g. “Shipping Address”).
Footer content Optional content displayed at the bottom of receipts and invoices.
FooSales logo Display the FooSales logo at the bottom of receipts and invoices.

Payment Methods

Refer to the Payments section for more information.

Integration Settings

Square Payments
Application ID Enables secure communication between FooSales and the Square Point of Sale app.
Access Token Links WooCommerce orders to Square transactions and enables automatic Square refunds in the FooSales apps.
Stripe Payments
Publishable key Used for initializing a secure Stripe manual card payment form in the FooSales app. This option can be left empty if the Stripe manual card payment method will not be used.
Secret key Enables secure communication between FooSales and your Stripe account.


FooSales performs various checks which show critical information about your store’s configuration and issues that require your attention.

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