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Linking your store/s to FooSales

When connecting the FooSales apps to your store, the apps will automatically check if the URL you entered is linked to an active FooSales free trial or an active FooSales plan.

In order for your URL to be found on our system, you will need to ensure the correct URL has been entered in the My Account section on the FooSales website and that it matches your websites URL and the URL entered in the app (This is the URL you would have entered when signing up).

If you require more than one domain, please upgrade your plan to a Multiple Domain plan.

Screen Shot 2021 01 26 At 2.46.39 Pm

  • Make sure your URL is consistently formatted. For example, if your site uses ‘www’ at the beginning of the URL, ensure that it is entered consistently so on the My Account section and app connection screen.
  • IMPORTANT: As policy, FooSales only works for sites that use HTTPS. This is to ensure your data and customers privacy remains secure.
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