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FooSales allows you to complete an order as “cash”, “card”, “direct bank transfer”, “check payments”, “cash on delivery” or “other” at the moment.

When viewing orders in your WooCommerce store, the orders processed by FooSales will display the relevant payment time in the POS column. Standard online WooCommerce orders will display the Online tag. You can also filter orders using the order type drop down option.

Card payments need to be manually processed using a third-party card machine of your choice. You would then simply select the card button and FooSales will add metadata to the order so that you can see what the payment method was in your WooCommerce back-end. The benefit of this is that FooSales does not limit you to a specific service provider and you can therefore use any service that suits your needs in terms of cost and availability.

FooSales doesn’t currently integrate directly with third-party card machines or payment processors.

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