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Background Data Refresh

In previous versions of the FooSales WordPress plugin and iPad and Android tablet apps, the only way to fetch the latest product and order data from your store was to close and relaunch the FooSales app or disconnect and reconnect your store. This made managing product stock, product prices and new orders difficult when running the app on multiple devices.

Since version 1.15.0 of the FooSales WordPress plugin and version 2.1.0 of the iPad and Android tablet apps, data is cached on your devices and updates are fetched either manually or automatically in the background.

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Manual Data Updates

If you pull down above either the product or order lists, FooSales will perform a quick check to see if there have been any updates in WooCommerce to products or orders since the last time you manually refreshed the lists. Any new orders and updates to products or orders will automatically appear in the app and they will be cached on your device.

Pull down to fetch product and order updates

Automatic Data Updates

If you want to have updates fetched periodically in the background while you’re using the app, you can enable this feature by specifying the frequency that FooSales should check for updates. If you open the Settings screen in the app, there is a slider that you can use to control how often these background updates take place.

Setting the slider to its minimum value of 0 minutes (zero) will disable automatic background updates. In this scenario, the only way to fetch updates would be the manual method explained above of pulling down to refresh within the product and order lists.

Please note that if you minimize or close the FooSales app, the background data updates will be suspended in order to prevent unnecessary battery and data usage. When restoring or opening the app again, the background updates will resume. An update check is performed as soon as the app becomes active again after connecting to your store and then subsequent checks will be performed at the specified frequency.

Clearing Locally Stored Data

If you want to clear all cached data on your device, you can do so simply by tapping the Disconnect button on the Settings screen to disconnect your store. All locally stored data will automatically be removed. When you enter your login details and connect to your store through the app again, FooSales will first need to download all the necessary data from your store before storing it locally on the device again.

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