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I’m experiencing difficulties scanning barcodes

Visit the Barcodes page to learn more about how barcodes work in FooSales

Here are a few possible solutions if you are having trouble scanning barcodes in FooSales:

  1. Pair the FooSales app with a handheld barcode scanner similar to the ones listed in our hardware page as they are generally able to scan smaller barcodes more accurately due to better optics.
  2. If you’re using regular 1D barcodes on your products, try using QR codes or another type of 2D barcode instead, as they generally produce less scanning errors and can be printed smaller without any negative effects.
  3. Print the barcodes larger and at the highest possible resolution. Use a specialized barcode label printer for best results.
  4. Ensure that there is enough light and contrast when scanning barcodes and try to avoid scanning in lowlight environments.
  5. Some barcode scanners might have two modes e.g. the SocketScan Barcode Scanner from SocketMobile. In this case, please make sure that the “keyboard” mode is selected instead of the “app” mode.

Visit the Hardware page to see all currently supported devices

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