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How do I show or hide certain products or variations in the POS?

You can specify whether to show or hide a particular product in the POS by editing the product in the WooCommerce backend and clicking on the POS Settings tab. The product will display in the POS by default unless you specifically uncheck the “Show this product in the POS” setting which prevents the product from displaying in the POS.

Historical orders that contain the product will still be viewable, but the product can’t be added to the cart for new orders.

Pos Settings Show In Pos

If you have a variable product and would like more granular control over which variations display in the POS, you can control this for each variation by opening the Variations tab and expanding each variation. Similar to showing a product in the POS, the variation will show by default unless the checkbox is specifically unchecked. Please note that this setting overrides the Enabled checkbox for the POS. This allows you to hide certain variations from your online store, but have them visible in the POS apps only.

Show Hide Variation


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