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Why does the app crash?

There could be one or several different reasons why the FooSales apps might crash or suffer from poor performance. Due to the many ways in which WordPress can be configured and the sheer number of third-party plugins that could be active at any given time, no two sites are identical and this could contribute to unforeseen problems in FooSales which are often out of our control. Listed below are the common issues and errors that we’re aware of. This document will be updated accordingly as we encounter other factors.

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Large Thumbnail Images

When fetching product images, FooSales loads the thumbnail image size as set in the WordPress Media Settings. If there are thousands of products in your store and the thumbnail image size is either set too large (> 300px) or set to ‘0x0’ which uses the original image size, it’s possible that the FooSales app will run slowly when scrolling through products and, depending on the device, could run out of memory while trying to download all the large thumbnails which will cause the app to crash. To learn how to reduce the thumbnail image size as well as resize all previously uploaded thumbnail images retroactively, please follow this guide.


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