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How do I print receipts/invoices in FooSales?

Visit the Hardware page to see all currently supported printing devices.

To print invoices on standard desktop printers, you can use your default print settings to print in Letter/A4 format.

If you have a thermal receipt printer, here are the steps for configuring and printing your receipts:

  • Choose your receipt printer
  • Print all pages
  • Select portrait layout
  • Choose the width of your receipt paper
  • The paper length can be the longest option available as the printer will continue printing until it reaches the bottom of the receipt and then automatically cut the paper
  • Set the number of pages per sheet to ‘1’
  • Disable headers and footers
    • Google Chrome – with margin set to ‘default’ it will show the checkbox
    • Mozilla Firefox – Set the header and footer options to ‘blank’
    • Apple SafariUncheck the header and footer checkbox
  • Margins must be set to ‘none’
  • Scale should be set to ‘default’ or 100%



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